Physiological mechanisms
underlying the basic functions of the central nervous system

Problems Pertaining to Memory

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Modern biology is faced with the tremendous task of solving the mystery of memory. This problem is being tackled by hundreds of scientists all over the world. At present, we know next to nothing of what memory is, and what parts of the brain are involved in storing our recollections and the vast amount of knowledge that we have collected bit by bit throughout our lives; above all, we need to find out how all this information is coded in the brain. In other words, scientists must find out what paper, ink and alphabet our brain makes use of to imprint on the mind the information it receives.

These are just a few of the numerous problems pertaining to the memory. It would, for instance, be useful to know how the information the brain needs is sorted, selected and extracted from the stores of our memory. There is every reason to suppose that the human brain firmly retains all the information acquired, and that it is only the imperfect mechanism of extraction which is responsible for the fact that we use only a negligible part of the knowledge stored.

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